Generate and Grow Connection

Horsemanship at Generation Farms

At Generation Farms we know that there is much more to being with horses than riding. In fact some people are more drawn to working with horses on the ground than they are to riding. Others may enjoy a balance of the two. All of our riders at Generation Farms take part in horsemanship lessons. If you are looking to focus on horsemanship rather than riding or are serious about delving into your relationship and communication with your horse or horses in general, then Authentic Horsemanship may be for you!

Authentic Horsemanship, created by Emily Pelletier, is a philosophy of relational horsemanship that focuses on the true state of the horse and the human. The relationship is held as the guiding agenda while exercises are layers that can be built upon the relationship and that progress the relationship. As part of Authentic Horsemanship you will learn both on-line and liberty work. Sophie Limer is also well grounded in this practice of horesemanship.

Core Principles of the horsemanship program include:

  • Authenticity
  • Partnership
  • Body awareness
  • Emotional congruence
  • Present moment focus
  • Attitude over method
  • Relationship before agenda
  • Developing feel
  • Window Of Tolerance
  • Energetic Boundaries
  • Utilizing Energy
  • Valuing flexibility over the rigidity of a system

Emily has a highly developed sense of the interrelationship between people and horses. She believes that her background working with people greatly influences her ability to help the horse/human pair because she is able to notice the subtleties in the person as well as the horse. Authentic Horsemanship asks you to show up as you really are and learn how to communicate with a horse without relying solely on cues.

“I came to Generation Farms on a quest to find someone who could teach me how to be with horses respectfully and show me how to connect with them in a way that would promote cooperation not domination. My first horsemanship lesson I knew I had found all that and more. Emily is a gifted teacher and a gentle spirit. Her unwavering commitment to non-violence and understanding the situation from the horse’s point of view, are foundational to the way she teaches and works with horses. The past year I have learned a lot about horses, and even more about myself. The lessons learned through generating connection and mindful self-awareness apply not only to my relationships with horse but all the relationships in my life.

Spending time at the farm and having the opportunity to learn in such a caring and supportive environment has become an important part of my life. I always look forward to time at the farm and I am very grateful to have found such an amazing place and such a wonderful teacher.”

Bob Morrissey

This is not a system of horsemanship that can be used on every horse in the same way. Emily encourages people to look at the horses as individuals and treat them accordingly. She also encourages her students to try different things and discover what works best for them. Emily strives to keep her ego in check and allow students and horses to also be experts. We all have special gifts. Sometimes openness to experiment and share insights is what helps us realize our gifts and unique ways of relating to horses. Often the biggest learning happens when the instructor is quiet.

Horsemanship lessons are available with our varied herd of lesson horses, or you may bring your own horse.