Generate and Grow Connection

EFW Experiences

Are you a horse person looking for a new way of experiencing horses? Are you on a journey of self-discovery? Are horses already guiding you? Do you feel drawn to explore your connection with horses?

Emily Pelletier at Generation Farms combines her background as a riding and Authentic Horsemanship instructor with her experience as a counsellor and EFW practitioner to provide the EFW Equine Experience. Emily has a highly developed sense of the interrelationship between people and horses. She is passionate about guiding people through this process.

The Equine Experience is grounded in personal growth, EFW and horsemanship.

You can:

  • Thrive vs. survive
  • Be fully present
  • Be congruent
  • Discover and practice authentic self
  • Be attuned
  • Feel boundaries
  • Experiment
  • Feel grounded
  • “Be” rather than “Do”
  • Respond to what is truly happening
  • Allow rather than force
  • Experience connection
  • Make decisions based on feel
  • Access other ways of knowing

If you have your own horse(s), the EFW Equine Experience is an opportunity to deeply explore horsemanship and EFW as they relate to your relationship with your horse as well as yourself. You may also learn from our herd at Generation Farms.

The EFW Equine Experience may be for you if:

  • You are new to horses or have horse experience
  • You are already on an adventure through horsemanship
  • You are uncomfortable with some mainstream natural horsemanship
    You know you are looking for something but aren’t sure where to begin
  • You feel a deep need for connection
  • You understand your need to be in the moment but don’t know how to do it
  • You need calm but can’t achieve it
  • You need balance in your system
  • You and your horse need support with communication
  • Your horse is shut down or distressed
The Equine Experience is personalized to you and your situation and interests. It may include connection and grounding experiences, assessment of your horse, liberty work, ceremony, lively discussion, or experimentation and awareness exercises. For some it is a deepening of work they are already doing. It is being truly in the moment, open to exploring, authentic, and attuned!

Please see our horsemanship page for information about our horsemanship philosophy.