Generate and Grow Connection

Parenting Support


  • Have you ever struggled to find the balance between being too soft and too harsh with your children?
  • Are you hoping to increase the connection and communication between you and your child?
  • Is your child struggling and you need help supporting them?
  • Do you need support for yourself as you navigate your role as a parent?
  • Is life difficult to juggle and you feel stretched too thin?
  • Are you a new parent or expecting a baby and looking for support and ideas?

The desire to be a calm effective parent is challenging and it can be confusing to know what advice to follow. At Generation Farms, working with horses can make things clear. Horses give us feedback about how we are in relationships and help us understand what it is we are seeking. If you are too soft the horse will walk all over you. If you are too harsh it resists or is compliant yet afraid. Coming to understand and feel this learning in horsemanship gives an entirely new way to find the balance in your parenting. Having these messages integrated in your body helps you be an effective and grounded guide.

Counselling support is available for parents with children participating in the Youth Program at Generation Farms. Understanding the principles that your child is learning is valuable for supporting their growth. Once we are free of Covid restrictions we will offer parent evenings where you can learn the skills that your child is learning in our Child and Youth Program. 

Dr Kimberly Lane Registered Child Psychologist

Dr Lane is experienced and compassionate in assisting parents in challenging situations.She is availably for online based sessions. Parents whose children are receiving support from our Youth Team can arrange for session with Dr. Lane who is also EFW trained. She will understand what the young people are learning in their sessions. 

Simplicity Parenting

Emily Pelletier MA is a Simplicity Parenting coach. Simplicity Parenting looks at the family’s life holistically and examines ways to simplify and create rhythm and predictability for the child. One of the beliefs is that all children are quirky, and simplifying helps them be their best selves. Simplicity Parenting also considers your family values and helps you realign with them. This philosophy of parenting is based on current child development research including research on ADHD, Autism, anxiety, trauma, and the influence of modern screen time. Simplicity Parenting principles often benefit everyone in the family.

Parenting and Education for Young Families

Emily is also passionate about attachment and evolutionary parenting; gentle parenting and discipline; baby wearing; and prenatal, birth and post-partum education and support. She enjoys supporting and consulting with parents as they prepare for baby and navigate the first few years of childhood.

Emily Pelletier is a Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, Counsellor and Riding Coach.