Therapies Provided

BrainWise Neural Integration Centre

This program has proved itself in creating positive change for clients since early 2010.

Brainwave Optimization with Real Time BalancingTM is an effective, non-invasive, holistic, individualized method for allowing your brain to auto-calibrate its own functioning and return to a state of balance and harmony. In our office, we have had great success providing relief from many conditions including anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, pain management, stress reduction, traumatic brain injury and stroke. Brainwave Optimization may be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, traditional therapies.

See more information about this treatment: BrainWise Neural Integration Centre


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It integrates elements of numerous psychotherapies in a structured and unique eight-phase protocol. Following EMDR processing, clients generally report a reduction in the emotional distress associated with disturbing memories, and that they have gained helpful cognitive insights.

Self-Regulation Therapy

SRT is a non-cathartic mind-body approach aimed at diminishing excess activation in the nervous system. It has its basis in neurobiology and reflects our innate capacity to flexibly respond to novelty or threat. Significant overwhelming events at any time in one’s life can result in changes in the nervous system that negatively impact the way a person feels and relates to others. SRT enables the nervous system to integrate overwhelming events and return balance to the nervous system.”

Narrative Therapy

When people think about their lives, they often think of experiences they have had – memories both positive and negative come to mind. These experiences and memories in the form of small stories tell a larger story that creates coherence about our experience in life and about how we have made meaning of our lives. This dominant story is re-created through our interactions with others. Sometimes we begin to accept a negative story about ourselves that can dominate our life experience and create problems. Through skilled questioning, a Narrative Counsellor often guides a person to search for positive and more helpful alternative possibilities. A new story begins to be co-created that is holistic and empowering.

Solution Focused Therapy

Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg pioneered the movement forward paying attention to individual behaviors that lead to solutions to our problems rather than learning more about the problem. This involves asking about what’s happening when the problem isn’t occurring and encouraging clients to do more of what they do when the problem is absent. This means that the counsellor will highlight strengths and positives and build on exceptions to the problem.

Solution-Focused Counsellors often suggest homework activities for you to do between sessions. They do this because change most often happens in our day-to-day life doing everyday things. Solution-Focused Therapy is quite active and empowering. .

Attachment Therapy

In Attachment Therapy, children who did not develop a secure enough attachment to their caregiver, for one reason or another, are supported in strengthening this fundamental part of their relationship with their caregiver. This is done through a nurturing process based on the natural development of attachment that occurs in the lives of infants and toddlers from birth to age 3.

Family Systems Therapy

In this therapy, an individual is viewed within the multi-generational context. The family systems therapist us aware of biological, psychological and sociological processes that continually impact family members functioning within and outside of their families. The therapist uses family systems theory to support individuals and families in improving their functioning in all aspects of their lives.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is a short term structured approach to couples therapy. Research indicates that the majority of couples move from distress to recovery using this approach. This approach was developed in Canada.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a relatively short-term structured psychotherapeutic method used to alter distorted beliefs and problem behavior by identifying and replacing negative inaccurate thoughts. The focus of therapy is on how you are thinking, behaving and communicating today rather than on childhood experiences.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

This is an exciting and innovative approach that uses of the natural attributes of the horse to heighten a person’s awareness of themselves and their inner state. EFP is one of the nature based therapies that support change through connection with the natural world. Present moment focus and access to one’s inner state are fundamental to healing and thriving. This is made simple and powerful in the presence of a horse, facilitated by a person trained to support this relationship. Often EFP is valuable for people who do not benefit from talk or office forms of psychotherapy; ranging from children with special needs, to over functioning adults. It is suitable for people with no previous horse experience and generally does not include riding. All sessions are offered at Generation Farms just three minutes from the office in the rural setting of East Wellington.

Nature Based Therapy

The concept of offering healing work in nature is not new. Sometimes referred to as eco-psychology, it is particularly helpful in moderating the effects of the fast paced technological time in which we live. Valuing natural systems as our primary teacher expands healing possibilities beyond traditional office based practices. This work deepens each person’s connection to self, others and the earth and invites innate healing. Reconnection with nature is important for the natural world as well as for the well being and happiness of people. Non intrusive and respectful, NBT is very suited to trauma therapy, stress and burnout recovery and life style re-assessment, depression and anxiety treatment and addiction recovery.

Critical Incident Response

Our counsellors are trained and experienced in responding to workplace incidents. Using a practical modified CISD model, we assess and provide psycho-education, stabilization and referral services for workplaces and groups where there has been a critical incident.

Vocational Support

We have counsellors skilled in vocational support, career change, job satisfaction, workplace communication skills, stress and burnout and more.


Our counsellors have experience in providing workshops in the areas of:

  • parenting
  • attachment
  • stress & burnout prevention
  • CISR peer training
  • Communication skills

Organizational workshops are available including

  • Team building
  • Organizational leadership

Personal growth and leadership workshops

Workshops are offered at Generation Farms, just 3 minutes from the office, in rural East Wellington. These workshops are based in the principles of Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Nature Based Therapy. While they are not psychotherapy groups, they are potentially transformational and life changing. No previous horse experience is required.

We also offer professional training in Equine Facilitated Wellness, for both mental health professionals and horse professionals, at Generation Farms.

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