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Since the pandemic began our counsellors have been working online and in a limited way in person. 

Pat Gibson, Sasha Routley and Kerry Moon are taking new clients.

Deborah and Kate have a full practice at the moment and not not able to take new clients. 

Deborah Marshall MA RCC

Deborah Marshall MA RCC – not accepting new clients currently

Change and growth do not have to be painful. I always support reconnection with things positive and healing, and to the possibilities of developing new resources. Since beginning in private practice in 1988, I have made many shifts in my understanding about what allows people to make the changes they want in their lives. As people find their way, I have often observed how their best selves begin to come forward to support them through painful and confusing circumstances. When this happens, things become clear and change is more possible.

From my original specialty in Family Therapy, I have come to treating the after-effects of trauma. Training in EMDR in 1996 opened my awareness to new possibilities of change. Intensive training in Self Regulation Therapy began a journey in the Somatic Therapies. Clients often tell me that they are relieved to discover that they can leave my office feeling better even after they have dealt with difficult issues.

People with trauma, depression, anxiety, loss, burnout, adjustment to disability and brain injury are all in my area of expertise. I continue to see clients, work with organizations and support my colleagues in our group practice. Years of Employee Assistance Programs and workplace interventions have provided experience in working with organizations.

Enjoying a lifelong interest in horses and the outdoors, in 2000 I began to explore ways of working with people and horses together for healing. Change through connection and mindfulness comes naturally with this approach. We now offer programs from our beautiful 33 acre farm facility in Yellow Point south of Nanaimo.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BCACC, Certified in EMDR with EMDRIA, a member of EMDRAC and a Certified Trainer and Practitioner with the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness.

Kate Burns MSW RSW

Kate Burns MSW RSW – Not accepting new clients currently

Through more than 25 years in the field of social work – whether counselling individuals, facilitating groups and workshops, or teaching adults – I’ve learned that most people, even in the darkest times, hold within them a deep and abiding desire to move towards greater health and well-being. I’ve had the good fortune to journey with many as they’ve moved through significant and sometimes overwhelming life challenges. Repeatedly, I’ve seen how, in time, such challenges become the very things that lead toward discovering strengths and resources either previously unrecognized or not fully tapped. Through these processes I’ve had the privilege to witness people choose to grow more conscious, open-hearted, effective, and satisfying ways of being in the world. Changes that were started at the personal level have also extended into influencing the relationship, family, work, and community contexts in which they live.

Over many years and with the guidance of teachers and mentors I’ve developed a collaborative and relational approach which incorporates the use of active, or what’s sometimes called dynamic, mindfulness and includes a present moment and strength-based focus. By integrating experiential, sensory, and somatic practices along with drawing from my training in Hakomi (http://hakomiinstitute.com), Self-Regulation Therapy and creative pursuits, I offer a wide range of options to adults as they respond to relational, identity, personal development, life-transition or trauma-related challenges and opportunities.

In addition to meeting with clients in the office I’m also available to meet outdoors at Generation Farms where I include experiential, nature-based and Equine-Facilitated practices to support healing and growth. In this natural setting personal and relational resources can be developed and deepened.

While continuing to expand an inclusive and libratory approach within my practice I remain a life-long learner. I value natural systems as our primary teachers and am committed to the transformational powers held within the life-giving relationships we each have with ourselves, each other and the earth.

Patricia Gibson RCC RSW

Patricia Gibson RCC RSW – accepting clients

I  joined Marshall & Associates as a counsellor coming from long term experience in the mental health field. Overcoming some personal challenges through supported interior work and witnessing clients achieve a similar victory have brought me joy and enormous satisfaction in my chosen career. I have an unshakable belief in the value of counselling, personal growth work. It seems that our essential core of innate goodness, wisdom and intelligence gets covered over the negative conditioning of one sort or another. A famous Zen teacher once said that we are already perfect and can use some improvement. The therapeutic process seeks to dismantle the multiple layers and barriers, the unhelpful baggage so that the client can live the life he or she was meant to live with freedom, peace of mind, happiness and stability. The counselor is a trusted and safe anchor for the client to do his or her personal work which leads to transformation and more joyful living along side the inevitable challenges and difficulties that are a part of the human condition. Although adversity is never welcome it is a great teacher. On the other side of the grieving process the full human potential for courage, compassion and wisdom is awakened.

In these challenging times I am available to offer counselling support. I have extensive experience as a mental health therapist dealing with anxiety, depression and grief work. I facilitated an effective treatment programme  Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy  combining meditation practices  and cognitive therapy which was of benefit to many clients.  In addition I have offered Core Beliefs work for those who have experienced past abuse and trauma. These debilitating beliefs acquired in childhood ,often unconscious no longer serve present time. These negative beliefs and thoughts  can be recognized, released and transformed leading to new freedom, well being and stability in adult life. I also specialize in nonviolent, compassionate communication  developed by Marshal Rosenberg. This valued model lends itself to self awareness and self empathy  as well as  effective communication and improved relationship with others.

I have two masters degrees in social work and humanistic psychology. I have studied the Art of Spiritual Guidance programme through Hollyhock Learning Centre and am am studying the Alchemy of Transformation, Jungian psychology.

In this time of pandemic I am open to meeting by zoom or in person at outdoor locations. Meeting in person indoors  with precautions may be an option  based on the current public health guidelines.

I offer some specialized tools in my toolbox including mindfulness training with an emphasis on self compassion, family of origin work including schema therapy, nonviolent communication training for all relationship conflicts, griefwork, cognitive behavioural therapy and spiritual guidance. I have treated a variety of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress and postpartum depression.

I would be honoured to offer support to any person requesting assistance as a counsellor.


Sasha Routley MA CYC; RCC accepting clients

I am very grateful to provide opportunities for youth in the community to experience the transformation fostered through authentic relationships and a sense of belonging. My work with the horses and nature influences all of the work that I do.

My clients include children and youth with a wide range of needs, young adults, people with anxiety and those looking to develop connection with themselves and nature. I am interested in working with women as they explore their lives and grow.  I am available online and onsite at Generation Farms.

Horses have always held a sacred place in my life and they led me to Generation Farms. I found a community of passionate people with diverse backgrounds that resonated with me and has supported me in developing my counselling practice. 


Kerry Moon  BA  MA (cand) accepting clients 

Kerry has two decades of experience in working with children and youth, families, adults, people in recovery, residential facilities and community counselling. She is available for a limited number of adult clients at a reduced practicum rate as she completes the final stages of her Master’s degree. Kerry has worked in nature and in doing Equine Facilitated therapy partnering with horses for the past eight years. She uses a trauma informed approach.

Kerry has an interest in working with people in recovery, those dealing with depression and anxiety and in life transitions. 

She is available online, in person at Generation Farms, or a combination. 


Joan Campbell BN MEd RCC – retired


With deep sadness we would like Joan’s many clients to know that she lost her battle with cancer in late September 2021. Joan died peacefully with family around her. She retired in June 2020 and her letter from that time is below. She is loved and missed.

 From Joan:

Life is about possibility and change. Hope is the path that leads us there.

Hello dear clients,

 I have made the decision that it is time to close my practice and retire.

 It is time to move forward and spend time with my family, take care of myself and look to what retirement can bring me. 

 My work has always been something I loved. You have brought great pleasure to me and have enhanced my life. The client/counsellor relationship is a very special one and I appreciate having known you and having had your trust. I will always remember the laughter along the way as we worked together. 

Much love to you,


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