Generate and Grow Connection

The Herd

Horses that are all individuals with varied breeding, training, age and histories make up the Generation Farms herd. We relate with our horses as partners and respect their wisdom, intelligence and instinct. The emotional and physical health of the horses is essential to our operation. We believe we are entrusted to give our horses a long-term stable home. Our retired riding horses are welcome to continue contributing as long as they have interest in the Mental Health and Child and Youth Care programs where the activities are generally unmounted. The horses at Generation Farms have the luxury of generous shelter, a spacious barn, turnout, herd life and good care, as well as the freedom to live outdoors. We find this supports the physical and emotional health of our horses.

Caring for the psychological state of the horses is very important to us. EFW often benefits the horse as well as the human, but their capacity differs from horse to horse. Some thrive on every contact they have with people. Others are more specific about their offerings. Just like us, some horses need to learn their own limits and we watch them carefully as they come to understand they have choice. Not every horse wants to be involved. It takes time and attentiveness to support the development of a riding or therapy horse.

Watching over the health of our herd care horse co-managers Sophie Limer and Sarah Schmidt. Everyone in the Generation Farms community contributes to the well being of the herd.