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  Foundations 2022 

Trainer Deborah Marshall MA RCC

Foundations is Level Two in the Pro-EFW Certification.

Pre-requisites include Explorations (Level One) and

 EFW personal development workshops (recommended but opportunities limited by COVID) 

Foundations will be offered as a combination of online and onsite due to COVID. In the event of Public Health recommendations limiting small gatherings we will find an alternative.

 Much of the onsite workshop will be offered outside with warm areas available as needed. COVID physical distancing and practices will be in place as needed at that time.

Foundations 2022 Information Ontario 

Foundations 2022 Information BC

Registration Below

There are online learning modules and online discussion associated with the zoom sessions as well as documents to be completed. 

Cost: $1600 plus 5% GST. ($1680)  At the onsite we will offer drinks and a light lunch. 

The fee also includes one individual mentoring session (generally by Zoom) typically scheduled after the training is completed and before the Level Three Focus is taken.

Prior to the program starting we will arrange for a Zoom interview if you haven’t had one, to discuss the program, your readiness and to answer any questions. You will be asked to sign a Participant Agreement and a Release of Liability form before attending. Your space is held when we have received both your registration form and payment.

Ontario – Due to COVID Deborah is likely unable to travel to Ontario. The Pro-EFW Training Committee has approved a good alternative with experienced certified practitioners who have studied under Deborah providing the onsite portion.

Personal Readiness for Training

Training is not personal psychotherapy. Depending on your history and state of emotional health, training can involve elements that may potentially be deeply personal or triggering. Participants will be involved in many layers of learning including experiential learning by watching participating in demonstrations and working with peers in practice sessions. There is a different focus on debriefing and personal support in training than there is in therapy with more responsibility on the participant to look out for their needs. If you have questions about this, please be in contact with Deborah at to discuss it further. 

Professional Readiness

EFW is a field that requires training and experience in working with people and/or horses beyond what this program offers. EFW is adjunct to other professions and on its own this training alone will not equip you for practicing EFW. Candidates may have prior experience and education in working with people and/or horses. Alternately EFW can also be studied while or before attending other educational or training programs in working with people and/or horses. The timing of when you will be able to begin working in the EFW field will be dependent on your other skills and your readiness as well as your comfort with the EFW core concepts. Some people begin practicing after Foundations (Level Two).

You may want to learn about the Pro-EFW on EFW the Pro-EFW website You can read about the three streams of EFW and view the certification program. You do not need to enroll in certification to take this program although most students are interested in certification.

Payment Options: you can pay and register online and use your credit card. Or register online and etransfer to The total fee including GST  $1680. Your space can be held with a $500 deposit.

Cancellation Policy

Last minute cancellations are challenging for us due to the small size and unique structure of this program; they compromise the program financially as well as practically. Fees are paid in full before the program starts unless you have made a different arrangement. There is no refund if a participant decides to not complete the program and it is not transferable to a subsequent year. Exceptional circumstances can be discussed but there is no guarantee of a change in policy.

In the event of onsite changes due to COVID alternatives will be offered. By paying the fee you are agreeing to these conditions.

Deborah Marshall MA Registered Clinical Counsellor                                                                                                                                     Pro-EFW Certified Practitioner/Mentor/Trainer



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