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Generation Farms Community Inclusion Program

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Generation Farms - Community Inclusion Program

This is a service where an individual who is funded by CLBC is paired with a trained worker. The goal is to assist each participant in enhancing emotional and physical wellbeing as well as deepening and expanding their life skills. While participating in the Community Inclusion Program individuals will be supported to generate connection with their community, peers, other services providers and local organizations. The program is based at Generation Farms in Nanaimo. All individuals in the Community Inclusion program will participate in activities in the community as well as at Generation Farms.

Generation Farms Activities

There are many possible activities for individuals participating in the Community Inclusion Program at Generation Farms depending on the needs and interests of the individual. We have a 42 acre working farm with horses, cats, dogs, miniature goats, miniature horses and donkeys. There is space for walking and adventuring, hay fields, wooded areas and a pond. The farm attracts wildlife such as eagles, beaver, hawks, deer, ducks, rabbits and more. It is a peaceful environment that encourages an active lifestyle and a calm outlook. There is a crafts room for indoor activities when needed.

There are two weekly social groups. They meet at Generation Farms in a group room complete with kitchen, or in the Nanaimo community to do activities. Friday night is social group. Tuesday night is Girls' Group. 


Other Activities include:

  • Nature walks on the farm 
  • Interaction with the animals
  • Learning about care for the animals
  • Helping with basic farm chores
  • Building and maintaining a vegetable garden
  • cooking simple meals
  • Art activities; painting, drawing, crafts
  • Board games, puzzles, team play, interaction with others, problem solving
  • Meditation and yoga (outdoors in good weather)
  • Group sing along with a renowned bluegrass musician
  • Other activities as suits the individual


We do not offer Therapeutic Riding or teach riding or horsemanship in this program. The intention is to gain benefits from being at an active farm and nature environment.

Having individuals participate in many of the above activities can create the opportunity to develop confidence, social skills, read body language and to set and respect boundaries. It can also build skills that are helpful for pre-employment or volunteering: responsibility, assertiveness, communication, problem solving and more.

Community Activities

Individuals also participate in activities in the community that can assist them in developing life skills, recreational interests, socializing and pre-employment skills. The lessons learned at Generation Farms are taken into the community where there is an opportunity to practice in public and develop competence and confidence.

  • Involvement in the community tailored to the individual's interests -walks, movies, meals, visiting the library, skating, swimming, gym, city parks and recreational facilities
  • Life skills such as bus training, budgeting and banking, learning about healthy cooking, choosing simple recipes and shopping for ingredients, managing stress and taking care of physical self.
  • Outdoor games such as soccer, badminton, bocce ball - emphasizing inclusion, team play, and fun!Development and support of volunteerism
  • Other community activities that benefit the individual

Who would this benefit? Individuals who:

  • are looking for something different
  • are looking for a challenge
  • would benefit from an outdoors experience
  • would like to work on building relationship skills and pre-employment preparation
  • are looking to add more activity in their lives
  • may be suffering from anxiety/depression and looking for the benefits of a natural environment and relationship with animals
  • would benefit from learning boundaries in an active way
  • have been wounded in their relationship with people. Having a relationship with an animal creates trust and can be a bridge to creating relationship with people
  • may be an animal lover
  • may have been active previously in their life and would benefit from a gentle introduction back to an active outdoor lifestyle

 Our staff are all trained in the Generation Farms Approach. The core concepts and philosophy are well suited to health and wellbeing. We involve nature and the animal world to create connection and belonging. Mindfulness and present moment focus are built in organically in all aspects.


If you are interested in any of our programs, please contact your

Community Living British Columbia Nanaimo Facilitator and ask for a referral to our services.

Facility visits by appointment only. Our programs are confidential. Please email to arrange a visit.


Counselling Program -  Emotional and Relational Self Care

Marshall & Associates offers counselling for individuals with a Developmental Disability, along with their families and other important people in their lives. This service is be results oriented and time limited. It is oriented to addressing specific challenges related to daily living and develops personal skills for successful living.

                   Self esteem
CC                   Assertiveness
                   Confidence building
                   Healthy boundaries and relationships
                   Managing grief
                   Create and maintain personal safety
                   Problem solving and decision making
                   Successful goal setting
                   Emotional regulation skills
                   Understanding personal right within the context of their current challenge
                   Personal skills to build capacity after traumatic experiences
                   Addressing specific challenges related to volunteering, pre-employment
                      and employment

The degreed counsellors are skilled in a variety of approaches and are familiar with individuals with a Developmental Disability. Services are offered both at the Marshall & Associates office on Bowen Road and at Generation Farms depending on the needs of the individual. Generation Farms programs are under the umbrella of Marshall & Associates which has offered professional counselling in the mid-Island since 1988.

 If you are interested in any of our programs, please contact your

Community Living British Columbia NanaimFacilitator and ask for a referral to our services.

Future plans: Generation Farms Personal Development Groups

We intend to develop a therapeutic group learning program for individuals funded by CLBC including topics such as:


  • Relationship skills
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Effective communication
  • Addiction recovery support
  • Developing self esteem and assertiveness
  • Emotional regulation skills

Stay tuned!                                                                                       


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