Generation Farms offers integrative healing opportunities through
wellness programs, horsemanship, nature and professional training.

Workshops and Events

Most workshops are suited for participants with no horse experience.

All programs held at our new Quennell Road location in Yellow Point!

September 2016

Natural Connections - Beyond Walls

September 17 and 18; Saturday and Sunday 9:30 to 5:30

Our lives can sometimes become so full and fast paced that we can start to lose a sense of connection or purpose.  This workshop offers a series of nature-based exercises – both experiential and reflective - that can help re-orient us back to the natural connections within ourselves, with others (human and non-human) and with the earth.  As well as re-generate connections these nature-based practices, offered in the beautiful setting of Generation Farms, can help open us more to those bigger perspectives that link our own well-being with that of the planet.  This workshop offers practical nature-based experiences that can be practiced at home, incorporated into work, school and/or leisure.  Over the two days we will have the opportunity to:

  • Cultivate gratitude
  • Slow down
  • Regain and/or deepen a present moment focus
  • Come to our senses
  • Honour the pain associated with separation and lack of care
  • Learn about relationships from our natural (nature) teachers
  • See in new ways
  • Practice ways to reconnect with self, others and the earth
  • Build and/or expand a nature connection skill-kit
  • Identify next steps in deepening natural connections, beyond walls

$150 Email Kate at for more information and registration.

February 2017 (date changed)

Professional Training - for those working with trauma

Kate Burns and Deborah Marshall are planning a 5 day training, Check back.

The programs below are complete for this year. Check back in January. They will fall in similar weeks in 2017.

June 2016

Explorations in Equine Facilitated Wellness  Generation Farms in Nanaimo BC 

June 4 & 5; Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm

Trainers: Deborah Marshall MA with Kate Burns MSW and Emily Pelletier MA, and our Generation Farms staff and herd

This is an introduction into the field of Equine Facilitated Wellness and the role of the equine, safety issues when working with equines and humans and other core concepts of EFW. It will feature two days of experiential learning at Generation Farms, combined with a distance learning component. A manual will accompany the training.

Participants will leave with a general understanding of the EFW field and the next steps if they want to develop their skills further in this field.

Explorations in EFW is open to anyone.

Learning Objectives of Explorations in EFW:

  1. General understanding of Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW)
  2. Awareness of the history and foundation for EFW approaches
  3. Increased sensitivity to the horse, its needs and abilities
  4. Appreciation and understanding of the perspective of the horse as a 'sentient being'
  5. Appreciation of the safety and risk management issues and considerations in EFW
  6. An introduction to how EFW can be applied with clients in individual, family and group environments
  7. An introduction to how EFW can be applied with different client populations and needs
  8. Understanding of the EFW - Canada training, mentoring and certification model and how this applies to candidates
  9. An appreciation of the importance of always working within your scope of practice
  10. The development of personal next steps in exploring the EFW field.
  11. Ideas of what people can do when they leave 

$595 plus 5% GST. Includes healthy lunches, snacks and all materials.

For more information please email 


July 2016

Reflection of the Horse - The Generation Farms Approach - Week One Professional Training

This fulfills Focus Training Week One requirement in the EFW - Canada Certification Program

July 4 through 9  (Monday through Saturday) - This five-day program has a free day on Thursday for rest and integration.

This is a one-week program for mental health/education professionals and equine professionals as well as others who want to explore EFW for their own personal interests. You will learn the fundamentals of Integrated Equine Facilitated Wellness (IEFW), the approach that we have developed at Generation Farms. Previous exposure to equine facilitated work and/or Explorations in EFW is beneficial before attending this program.

The main focus of this week is to enhance awareness of the horse and its unique abilities to connect with humans in a deep and healing way. Participants will engage in experiential exercises with the horses and each other to deepen their connection with themselves, the horses and each other. They will learn about and experience the fundamental skills of the IEFW approach including:

  • understand fight, flight and freeze
  • how to work within a healing Window of Tolerance
  • present moment body centred focus
  • using all the senses
  • knowing when and why to pause and allow time
  • reflective and active approaches
  • introduction to a nature based approach
  • Authentic Horsemanship and its application
  • safe guarding the horse
  • proximity boundaries and energetic boundaries

Participants need to have sufficient resilience and stability to engage in the experiential components. This is not intended as a therapy group.

There is one hour of individual mentoring included in the program.

Total cost is $2500 plus GST for both Week One and Week Two when they are taken in the same year. $1495 plus 5% GST when taking Week One alone.  

For more information please email


Nature Based Workshop with Kate Burns

July 16 & 17; Saturday and Sunday

Workshop for anyone interested. More information to come! This workshop has been rescheduled to September.

Integration Week

July 25 to 29; Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Integration Week is a five day program for NAEFW certification candidates who are ready to work with others and create your own programs. This is a chance to expand your skills and awareness in a safe learning environment.

$1250 plus 5% GST

For more information please email .


August 2016

Reflection of the Horse -  The Generation Farms Approach - Week Two

This fulfills Focus Training Week Two requirement in the EFW - Canada Certification Program

August 15 to 20; (Monday through Saturday) This five day program has a free day on Thursday for rest and integration.

Expand your learning about Integrative Equine Facilitated Wellness (IEFW) in this five day program. This week will focus on helping others experience the world using the IEFW skills and approach. This week is suitable for people who are going into the EFW field. It will review the concepts of IEFW and put them into practice with each other and the horses including:

  • review neurobiology and IEFW concepts
  • putting together an IEFW session
  • practice sessions with each other
  • horse as co-therapist
  • sensory healing and re-integration
  • nature based experiential
  • practical aspects of EFW including equipment, suitable horses and facilities, insurance
  • create a personal Scope of Practice document which lays out your personal path for further development and guidelines for the work you will do
Participants need to have sufficient resilience and stability to engage in the experiential components. This is not intended as a therapy group.

 Trainers: Deborah Marshall MA RCC; Kate Burns MSW RSW, Emily Pelletier MA as well as the Generation Farms staff and herd.

Total cost is $2500 plus GST for both Week One and Week Two when they are taken in the same year. $1495 plus 5% GST when taking Week Two alone.  

For more information please email



Workshop fees generally include lunch or snacks and materials.

Registration and inquiries are most easily done by email to

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Sessions, Nature Based Sessions and HorseEmPower Child and Youth Care sessions are conducted on a regular basis and can be booked by emailing at Email is best for us as we are generally outside! You can leave a message at our Bowen Road counselling office (250) 754-7703. Our reception staff there will forward the message to Generation Farms. 

Our programs are private and independently offered. You may be able to have professional development credit in various organisations in the Counselling, Equine and Equine Facilitated Wellness fields. Our adult programs are accepted for credit with the National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness. For information about our training programs  click here.

Spaces for workshops can be held by a non-refundable deposit. Registration and inquiries are most easily done by email to .

  • If you would like a phone conversation just email we will book a time.
  • Upon request you will receive a registration form.
  • Your space is held once we have received a your registration form and your deposit or full payment.
  • Payments can be made by Visa or MasterCard, email transfer or cheques can be mailed to the mailing address

Mailing Address: Generation Farms PO Box 435 Station A, Nanaimo BC V9R 5L3

Please watch for new programs as they are offered!


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